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Game News
Welcome To AbysseaGods!!!
I would like to take a few mins to welcome you to are website.
Please take your time and look over are site and fill free to ask use any questions may have about any thing you see on are site in game or on  Forms page.

Are linkshell has under gone some new changes from when we 1st started the linkshell new leaders and new members.We are not a greedy shell and im not promiseing any one that we always do what you want do on event times but i will promise to have fun no matter what.As this is a game we all pay for each mounth i see playing and haveing fun the most inporant thing.We do use teamspeak In are events so if you don't have this please try get from .It's very helpful to you and use durning events.

We run events in small groups we don't plain on haveing alot people in linkshell most we want have is 12 people cause with less people can do as much and get all need for each job we will do WOE,Abyssea,Dyniam,Voidwatchers.There are days on and days off we ask ever in linkshell do there best make events on time and try have fun no DRAMA is need if you are unhappy with the shell please fill free to look for another shell cause we are here have fun not cause problems and fuss and fight.Drops is easy you all get drops and we all have fun as long as ever one works as team and does his/her job while in events.

Voidwatchers is alot work so i have deside to do the reascher and post are own form on how it works in basiclt useing wiki and what runs i have done.So please al memebrs us ethe voidwalker sheet i have mad for us and fill free look it up on wiki these runs can be lone and takes 12 or better .What i do like about them is way ever one gets his/her own box and the new gear looks real nice.So keep up with the events now cause very inporant that we all work togeather to have fun.

Each wer will plain 1 day to run woe as a linkshell please try make this event and lets all have fun.Woe is not hard but is something need it also takes way from the grind of ABYSSEA but i still love abyssea.

We going try do atleast 1 time a mounth as a ls to have fun and get points its need now with the voidwatch so maybe we can get these events plained.

Trying do 2 events each week.This way we can get some emp weapon trails complete and people in +2 gear i also going post a +2 page on site soon so that ever one can use it to see what he or she may need .As well as emp trails.

Nyzul Isle
This event is ever friday night we will run it 6 men louc is lead over this event so all listen to him.

If you are intreasted in joining are linkshell please take few mins to apply to site and go to a forums page and fill out some info on you and your jobs you like to play.After you have doen all this get back with Ramsil or Lazzymonkey.Thanks for your time.
Guild News

New Recuiting

Lazzymonkey, Oct 29, 11 11:27 AM.
We have started recuiting New members all jobs welcomed.Please make sure ever job is least lvled 95 and Skilled up.
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